Signature Series Bundle


We've teamed up with Canadian Native DJ, DJ Crash, to bring you a signature series deal that will take your DJ brand to the next level visually.
The bundle includes a logo design, a promo opener (up to 12 seconds), and a single page website design.

Starting @ $1,449.99, this bundle deal is a forced to be reckoned with!
*We offer weekly/monthly payment plans.*


  • 01

    Create A Concept

    Upon recieivng deposit (40%) we will begin formulating a concept for your brand.

  • 02

    Idea Sketching

    We will begin forming the overall brand concept based off of agreed creative direction.

  • 03


    We will create and develope all of your content precisely and efficiently, after creative sketches are demoed and chosen.

  • 04

    Product Completion

    Your dream becomes a reality!


Dj Crash (Right) is a resident of London Ontario, Canada. He first started DJ'ing 3 years ago shadowing other DJ's at school dances. From their he was brought on to the DJ Alpha production team where he mastered his craft DJ'ing school dances, local bars and clubs, and proms and private parties. DJ Crash has had the opportunity to DJ at the London Taphouse, Hudson Social Club, amongst many other well known venues.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have TWO available payment plans... For the remaining 60% balance, we offer a monthly minimum $40.00 plan (with tax)
and a weekly minimum $15.00 plan (with tax).

Yes! You will be given all access to your logo (in all formats) and promo opener; however, your website passwords/logins will not be turned over until payment is completed, but your website will still be fully up and running.

Yes, you will; however, there will be a maintenance charge.

To adjust your monthly payment date, simply just contact us 48 hours in advance with your new day to avoid website disconnection/late fees.

If you decide to cancel your monthly payment plan before payment completion, you will be able to walk away with your logo and promo opener; unfortunately, we will remove your website after cancellation.


  • "AxiXani is great all around, superbly creative dudes! There is no other deal like this, hands down.“

    Ka'Desh Edwards "DJ KaD" CEO/Founder DJ Kad Productions
  • "Love working with these guys! I hope the deal is amazing to all and helps build your brand. “

    Chris Marentette "DJ Crash" Co-Founder Dj Crash'n'Burn DJ Services
  • "Great guys! They do awesome work and are super genuine and friendly.“

    A.D Scott Engineer/Mixer/Producer/Hip-Hop Artist
  • "I love the brand and everything they stand for, and what's better than that is that they feel the same way about me and my brand. Thumbs up to AxiXani! “

    NOiVEL R&B/Pop Singer/Songwriter